BIM modeling

The creation of an information model according to the drawings

Laser scanning point cloud modeling

2D CAD to 3D BIM

Creating Building Information Models from 2D drawings facilitates analysis and the removal of clashes in your project
Adding your MS Project schedule data to a BIM model enables you to find out constructability limitations as well as to improve your schedule
Having as-built models helps your client with facility maintenance and creates benefit for your project.


Visualization of the construction process. Binding of the calendar and network schedule of construction works to the information model for plan-fact analysis and detection of space-time constraints.

Creation of Executive model – formation of Executive documentation; closing of volumes of works by means of BIM-model-formation of acts on the performed works on the basis of model.

Modeling of technically and architecturally complex, unique objects


Point cloud modeling

Modeling in the design of reconstruction of historical objects

Creation of Executive model of industrial and technically complex objects


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